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Hi from Berlin! Enjoying Soho House to the fullest – it´s so great that I´m looking at opportunities to hide somewhere just so I can stay here a little longer. Had this amazing dinner with Weekday as well, reviewing the new party collection! It´s so cool, really, and it have great pieces to wear both casual and when your going out. And you probably know what I feel about sparkles by now, and this dress is no exception; a great length, slightly flared arms and SPARKLES. Perfect for a more festivity look!

Wearing dress and jeans from Weekday, shoes from Alexander Wang 

Just the flare

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When it comes to flare many are intimidated by the though of actually wearing it. Not only because Adriana Lima wore it at the airport, and if she wears it, that line is not to be crossed (because you are probably not a supermodel with legs higher than the empire state building, and I am not either), and many struggles to find the right piece. When it comes to flared pants many thinks “YOU ARE NOT TALL. YOU CAN NOT WEAR FLARED PANTS”. But why not? Why do we care really? Because it´s not flattering for your body shape? Says who? It´s time to let out your inner model and just go for it! If you not want long pants, why not go for a pair of shorter ones?

So here you are, walking around all floaty and airy, associating yourself with Cersei in Game of Thrones (and who don´t want to be a part of Game of Thrones, even though my favorite character is not Cersei. But she wears cool dresses, tho..) and maybe standing out a little too much than preferable in the crowd. But what´s really not to like about flares? It gives your look a little more edge, it´s playful and it´s too cool for school. And I love the flares from the new Weekday collection, it´s almost too good! Making my look cool and sporty without looking like a bowl of fruit. Got a feeling I´m going to meet up with these guys (items) a lot this fall..

Are you wearing flared items? 


Wearing pants from Weekday (HERE), top from Weekday (HERE) and shoes from Puma (similar HERE


Weekly editorial

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Harper’s Bazaar Romania November 2015




These pictures so explains my mood right now. Who don´t want to wear a killer dress and stand in a corner on one leg? Huh?!


Photography: Dan Beleiu
Styled by: Andrei Iovu & Lil Bulgac

Hair: Pawel Solis @ Atomo Management
Makeup: Takako Noborio @ Sybille Kleber
Model: Diana Moldovan

Sunday sparkle

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We all know the famous sentence in Mean Girls “Regina, your are wearing sweapants. It´s Monday” and many of us is maybe taking it a little too seriously. Specially on Sundays. But the truth is that nothing is really better than the holy three on Sundays; couch, sweatpants and sweatpants. Literally everything that has with sweatpants to do. No blogger really wear heels and a dress on this holy day of resting – if they are not going out or doing something fabulous like being super trendy and taking selfies. Or posting throwbacks. But why not be fabulous even if it´s Sunday? “Gold is a treasure, and he who possesses it does all he wishes to in this world, and succeeds in helping souls into paradise”, Christopher Columbus said in a speechy moment back in the days (#throwback), but the point is clear; if you have gold, you are gold. And these pants from Weekday are no slice in the dice; with it´s fun mix between gold and sparkles these pants are making every home-cosy-sunday-tea outfit helping souls into paradise -approved. So take out your inner diva and be fetch about it. Because it´s really fetch.

Wearing pants from Weekday (HERE), knit from McQ and shoes from Vans 

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