Another day Another day

Another day

May 30
2016 | Looks

Another day Another day

Another day

May 30, 2016 |   Monday be like – jeans, tee, blazer – YOU ARE GOOD TO GO. Nothing is worse than getting dressed for a Monday and comfort is my top que. Add a little chain and a neckie and you are still in the game and ready for whatever Monday brings you. x Wearing jeans from Marc by Marc Jaco ...
Birthday girl Birthday girl

Birthday girl

May 26, 2016 | It´s my birthday and another page is added to my book of life. This last year has been filled with lots of new friends, awesome travels, cool experiences and love, but turning 26 tho? That´ s a hustle. Not that I really want it to happen, because I really, really, really like 25 and I thought we ...
What to wear when you have nothing to wear What to wear when you have nothing to wear

What to wear when you have nothing to wear

May 23, 2016 |   You know these days where you wake up and look at your closet like it´s your boring teacher from 5th grade teaching you about adverbs? And you feel so uninspired, not only because you are thinking if your teacher was a witch in “Charmed” she would not be one of the good ones, ...
Slip Slip


May 20, 2016 | *AD Gina Tricot dress,  Stella Mccartney shoes,  Zara bomber jacket,  Holzweiler bag,  Tom Wood rings Well hello there little spring fling. One dress that are important (mark;important) to have in your closet is that flowery woopsie daisy one. The one you can wear with a pair of kicks for Sunday ...
Weekend Weekend


May 7, 2016 |   HELLO DRESSES. As you may have noticed these last months I have not been wearing dresses that often. Not just because my legs would probably turn into popsicles and my leg-hair would turn into ice, making my legs a suitable weapon in Game of Thrones, but also because I am more fan of wear ...
Wait, Vetewhat? Wait, Vetewhat?

Wait, Vetewhat?

May 20, 2016 |     Okay, we have all noticed that being a DHL-worker are now really trendy, and wearing socks outside your shoes instead for inside is totally blue steel. But what is really this fuzz all ...


May 12, 2016 | *advertising document.createElement('video');   Okay, so this is my first video ever on the blog (I know right?) and I just found ...
Lace that shit up Lace that shit up

Lace that shit up

May 2, 2016 | Sandals from Elina Lindardaki   SHOP HERE   If it is one thing we seemingly can´t get enough of, it´s the lace-up sandals. They come in many forms; the simple one with one or two lace ...
Vaccarello –> YSL Vaccarello –> YSL

Vaccarello --> YSL

April 4, 2016 | OMG – SO MANY CHANGES! What´s going on, people? It´s just a couple of days ago we read that Hedi Slimane is exiting YSL. And just before that we heard that Jonathan Saunders is appointed as the ...
Saunders + Dior 4 ever Saunders + Dior 4 ever

Saunders + Dior 4 ever

March 29, 2016 | Yes, it´s true; Jonathan Saunders is taking over the position as Creative Director for Dior. It´s not that long ago that we got the sad news that the label with the same name is over, but these words ...
Title Title


May 6, 2016 | Blue. Mesh. Shirt. Layering. Wrap. Dots. White. Minimalism. Cuts. Raw. Red. Denim. Lace. Fringe. Pearls. Mesh. Black. Skirt. Long. Short. Over. Under. Lines. Fun. Edge. Knots. All pictur ...
Rising up Rising up

Rising up

April 6, 2016 | This editorial tho.   i-D Magazine Spring 2016 Model: Lineisy Montero Photographer: Harley Weir Fashion Editor: Julia Sarr-Jamois Hair: Holli Smith Make-up: Inge Grognard ...
Catch of the day Catch of the day

Catch of the day

February 23, 2016 | Now that spring is just around the corner I am already looking for some good pieces for those (hopefully) lighter days. Loving these kicks from Adidas right now, and yeah, I know that the Superstars ...
Heroine Magazine Heroine Magazine

Heroine Magazine

February 18, 2016 | Publication: Heroine Magazine Spring Summer 2016 Model: Heather Kemesky Photographer: Blair Getz Mezibov Fashion Editor: Gro Curtis Hair: Brent Lawler Make-up: Stevie Huynh ...
Wednesday Wishlist Wednesday Wishlist

Wednesday Wishlist

February 17, 2016 | Okay, if I could wear whatever I wanted right now on this Wednesday morning, I think it would be something like this. Not only is these pieces budget-friendly (so you can save some more money to use ...



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