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Wearing jeans from Anine Bing, shoes from Loewe, shirt from Toteme, sunnies from Céline and bag from Nunoo 

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Hype the stripe Mon, 16 Apr 2018 13:11:34 +0000


Oh, what I miss you LA. You don´t know how much you need some sun until you actually get it. It´s actually harder than you think to live in a country where there is snow basically 8 months a year, where sunlight hides more often than the Kardashians during a scandal. During my trip to LA I finally got the chance to sport these heels from Alexandre Birman without loosing my toes to frostbite and that´s a win. Paired it with jeans and this coolio shirt from By Malene Birger for the night out, and believe me, it was a very fun night.


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The apartment Tue, 10 Apr 2018 11:47:05 +0000

We and my girls (Janka, Darja, and Annabel) got the chance to stay at this BEAUTIFUL apartment in Paris, located in one of my favorite areas, Saint-Germain. It belongs to a Parisian artist, and it´s covered in gorgeous artworks, colors, and creative interior ideas (and spot the dog outside!)

This is the first time not staying at a hotel, and honestly, it´s so fun to be a group together during fashion week! Music, arts, hangouts, laughter, and love, just what you need in a hectic week as Paris Fashion Week. Can´t wait until next time!

Check it out and book the apartment for your next trip to Paris –> HERE

And oh! Not to forget! Get some discount on your new stay if you book with using this link! Wohoo! Happy Tuesday! –> HERE




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Denim Fri, 16 Mar 2018 17:55:46 +0000


Omg I have really really drooled over this jacket for so long now, and now it´s finally mine! It´s (for me at least) the perfect spring jacket and it basically works with everything. So prepare yourself for more posts of me wearing it. Here I´m matching it with a pair of wide-legged pants and my new points from Loewe (will show you details later!) and this is tots a look I could go for both day and night! Happy weekend!

Wearing Balenciaga Jacket, Lovechild pants, Loewe shoes and, Mango earrings, J.W Anderson bag 

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Acne Studios Thu, 15 Mar 2018 13:59:03 +0000 Acne Studios may be up for sale at the moment, but let´s take a look at their newest campaign. Actor and musician stars in the Acne Studios SS18, which explored the idea of separates with an outsider´s point of view. And to be honest, I WANNA WEAR EVERYTHING NOW!! 

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Is real fur loosing grounds? Thu, 15 Mar 2018 13:47:01 +0000

One of the biggest discussions the last few years in the fashion industry has been and still are the usage of real fur. Fox and mink are and have been the most attractive type of fur, where fur-farms  ended up as lucrative businesses. Actually, Norway has been one of the world´s biggest producers of fur, except China, where a steady business has fed the different brands with top quality fur. Earlier this year, Norway took the lead as one of the first countries deciding to shut down the fur business by 2025, saying that it´s not ethical anymore. We don´t actually need fur, do we? And now we are seeing a trend inside the major fashion houses as well. Stella Mccartney was the first one stopping using furs and leathers, replacing it with faux and vegan leather. Armani, Calvin Klein, Michael Kors, Tommy Hilfiger, Gucci and the latest houses, Versace and Furla, are now following. Donatella Versace, the artistic director and vice-president of Versace, stated that she did not want to kill animals to make fashion and that it “it doesn’t feel right,” in an interview with The Economist’s 1843 magazine. And chief executive and president at Gucci, Marco Bizzari told Business Of Fashion that he thinks fur is not modern anymore, and it´s a bit out-dated. We can also see the trends in the streets, where street style photographers shooting for several big magazines and e-commerce sites such as Net-A-Porter and Matchesfashion don´t want pictures showing fur. Even big shopping areas such as Saö Paulo and West Hollywood in LA has banned the sales of fur.

I have to admit that I did use fur before, not really knowing (or maybe denying) the treatment of these animals. After a visit to a fur farm, I changed my mind drastically. And this was a fur farm that was stated as “ethical and certified” supplying fur to big brands. And believe me, it was not. But yet again, I´m not a person hating everyone using fur, so for me it´s more of a personal decision. And to be fair, are faux fur that much better? I do use faux, but for the environment, it´s not a nice player. Well, I guess that dropping one thing is better than doing nothing, right? I have to admit that I like the wave of fur-banning rolling over the industry, picking up one after the other, making the industry a BIT more ethical.

So I´m asking you guys, What is your opinion about real fur? And what do you think about influencers using real fur? 


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Easy peasy Thu, 15 Mar 2018 12:39:52 +0000



Hello SPRING! Or… that was maybe a very wishful thinking because if I know Oslo, it´s probably gonna bury me yet again in cold snow in a few days. Ugh. But for now it´s sunny and I can even skip my wool leggings and 14 layers!!! Imagine that! So I´m happy (just look at my face). Yaay

Anyhow, you know that I love jeans, ey? So today I´m wearing this awesome (a slightly flared) jeans from Mango, paired with a blazer and a sweater as a scarf. I love the idea playing with sweaters, using them as belts, scarves, wrapping them, hanging them, the limit is yours. It adds the little cherry on the top for a more untraditional look. Very Thursday friendly, right?

Shop the sweater HERE 
Shop the jeans HERE 
Shop the blazer HERE 



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Meet Jerome Wed, 14 Mar 2018 15:50:24 +0000

During Paris fashion week I met up with the laid-back and quite eccentric Jerome Dreyfuss who has been a designer now for 16 years and counting. I met him in this gorgeous little oasis, centered in the middle of everything, but yet in hiding for everyone who doesn´t know where exactly to go. With a secret little back garden, big glass windows to bring in the warm lights of Paris´s architecture and an energy that represented calmness and balance.
He surprised me a bit with his being (because designers can be a bit… un-social sometimes), where he smiled and laughed and told stories about how and why he is where he is today. Even though he makes bags and shoes to die for with next-level leather qualities and details to explore closer, he is not that materialistic himself actually. “I live in a house without electricity. I just don´t know why we need it.” He lives with his two kids and wife that´s no other than Isabel Marant (designer at Isabel Marant), where they have the philosophy to use what´s around you, make things, be creative instead of watching TV or binging a Netflix show in their spare time. When I asked him how he charged his phone, he simply replied “at work!”. If it only was that easy for everyone, ey?

But back to the beginning of the Jerome Dreyfuss story. He tells me that it was actually quite the coincidence that he started making bags. He was out one day, drinking lots of wine with his friends and they pointed out that it was so hard to find good handbags without big logo´s, yet with a supreme quality.  So there he sat, a bit drunk, feeling impulsive, saying “guys, I´m gonna make you some bags”. And the first chapter was written.

And the adventure was (and still is) a pleasant ride, making Jerome Dreyfuss the brand to wear when you didn´t want to show off big logo´s or spend a fortune. And in some of his bags, there is also some tech to use for making the day a bit easier. “I remember always coming home to a dark hallway because of the lack of electricity, and I always struggled to open the front door, because it was just too dark sometimes! So I used a lighter to find the keyhole, always burning my fingers. So I decided to add a little flashlight inside the bags. Not only perfect for finding keyholes, but also a great companion when actually finding stuff in your bags”. That´s something, hey? I actually agree on that one, sometimes it´s just too hard finding anything in my bag, like imagine if it actually was some system in them, right?

Not only is he very passionate about function and design, but also the environment when it comes to producing. He is strict when it comes to fast fashion, sale and thousand different collections during one year, and he always uses authorized leathers and fabrics for minimal waste, production toxics and the good of the animals. “I really care about my products, and I want people to have them. But I don´t want to ruin the environment for it. It´s too important for all of us”.

A fantastic man to meet, and I really hope he continues in his excellent works for not only his namesake brand, but also with his other creative projects. Absolutely someone to watch!


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How to build your wardrobe? Tue, 13 Mar 2018 13:46:25 +0000

The fashion industry is probably bigger than ever before, and even if it is double tapping, hearts, pins, likes or shares, if you have the smallest interest in #fash you are inevitably invited to the party. Looking for a fashion brand without a presence in social media these days is like looking for a black one-piece in Anna Wintour´s closet. It´s like the Olympic games of who tells you what and the what makes you spend. But many of us are utterly doomed to play the eternal game of routines and grey-scaled normality. And not the sassy ”fifty shades” but the non-feet-sweeping and very practical concrete kind of grey. It is fairly easy to throw on the sweater you were supposed to throw out years ago, with the unflattering, but really comfortable jeans you now have 5 pairs of. To really pop the cherry, you throw on a pair of used-to-be black shoes, but now grey because of the total lack of motivation for shoe polishing (because who got time for that, ey?). So the casual turn into casualty and the coolness is just non-existing. So we all just hide in our imaginary style palace filled with goodie bags and shoeboxes because it…is… So how do we accept this fashion invitation with both confidence and a cool wardrobe? Fashion trends tend to swing back and forth more than Donald Trump´s opinions about basically everything, and today it is all about just catching the fashion ride. The good news is that there is a solution for this overwhelming frustration. You may not believe it, but your wardrobe might surprise you.

First things first. A great wardrobe does not cost a fortune. Fabolous is not measured by tags or brand names, only by you. Yes, you would probably shop that Gucci bag on credit. Or heart every picture on Maison Valentino´s Instagram account for the secret hope that they will see you and give you a pair of shoes or something. Or maybe sell your fridge for that really awesome Loewe bag from last season. But always remember that style is not about fast fashion, it is not about wanting or #craving, it is about taking what you have and making it work. Chase the long-term relationship and go get your inner fashionista. And for this to succeed you have to take your imaginary style palace to the next level by actually building it. True story. So the first step for being more casual cool is to build the most important part, the foundation, with great basics for stability. When your style changes, (because it will change, thank god for that sometimes, huh?) the foundation of your wardrobe will help you keep you grounded. Check your wardrobe for good pieces with smooth color palettes like whites, greys, blacks and blues. Add the structure and your house is beginning to take shape. Think about those favorable materials that feel good – mixed fabrics or even different types of cotton.

The furniture in your imaginary palace (and your loving wardrobe to-be) are the things that just make everything function. It is not the matter of having three different black coats or seven pairs of sandals, it is knowing you always have something to wear. The classic coat, the leather jacket, the flats and the heels. These items can make every outfit casual cool and easy for you to go from work to your ever so fun dinner with the girls at the noodle shop on the corner or at the Michelin restaurant you booked 5 months ago.

And finally comes the fun part. The interior. If it is looking for those cool pieces at thrift shops and flea markets, or ordering custom-made leather shoes from Italy, the excitement is there to make your veins bubble. The decoration, the chocolate toppings, the things that make you you. Maybe it is the pink scarf you bought four years ago from that yard sale or the Prada bag you saw the other day online. These things are crucial for defining your style personality. Walk your own way, get to know your style palace and make it yours. Be your own stylist, be audacious, be confident. It may sound easier than it looks, and you will most definitely turn around and change again and again. And again. But when the day comes and you really do not want to go back and change, it means you are close to getting to know you. Because you decide if you want to live in a palace or not. The style is yours and you have the power to explore, so be adventurous! You will find yourself in dark places and in really great places, but that is what adventure is all about. The fashion scene is not only happening at the runway anymore, it is also in your own backyard. So step out and embrace your own style. Lean back and let the pressure go because the house-warming party is ON and you my dear, are the hostess.



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Dark side Tue, 13 Mar 2018 10:57:53 +0000

Okay. I know I use blazers a lot. A LOT. But it´s just so easy! Wear jeans, wear socks, wear nothing, and blazers will save the day. And lately I have developed an obsession with belts, wanting to belt everything. Literally. I even belt by bags. And sweaters. And blazers of course.

Wearing blazer from Mulberry, jeans from Weekday (Voyage), shoes from JCPARES, belt from Loewe and sunglasses from Celine 

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