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Photography by Joe Harper @jharphoto 

Milan fashion week is on and the streets are crowded with a stratosphere of fashion interpretations and creative directions. Not only by the major influencers, but I also spot trending pieces at fashion editors, stylist and the other inspirational people hiding in the shadows of social medias. I do encourage everyone who has the opportunity to travel during fashion weeks and absorb the intense impressions that roam the streets. And of course, shows when it comes to that.

My first day I was so lucky to be at the Fendi showroom at fitting before the big show the next day. I found too many great items and I couldn´t help myself from shooting it (or making Joe Harper shoot it, thanks bruh). Like this amazing jacket with leather hems paired with a soft beige bag with a botanical touch. Like harsh meets soft, an underrated balance that I am often drawn to when it comes to styling. And I am now finding myself drooling over this outfit.

Wearing Fendi bag and jacket, Christian Louboutin shoes