Ugh, after several weeks containing intense frustration regarding this site and hackers, I have found myself crawling into a hole. It drains me to be hacked over and over again, especially since I don´t really have any experience when it comes to coding. Downside with having an WordPress site is that is based on an open community; no support, no chats, no numbers to call when I need help. So here we are, after weeks of coping with my outdated coding skills the site is kinda back up again. I am now working every spare hour to make a new and better site on a different platform, so please don´t let me disappear from the touch of your fingers at the keyboard just yet. I promise you it´s gonna be fresh and new! Until then I will post on this site, just feel free to overlook all the minor faults still placed on this site right now..


Wearing jacket from Whitless, jeans from Weekday, shirt from H&M, shoes from Louboutin and bag from Kozha Numbers