Cold shoulders are out – bold shoulders are in

Fashion has been giving us the cold off-shoulder for quite a while, but this year one of the biggest hype yet again from the fashion scene is the bold shoulder. So take out your shoulder paddies and be bold!


Apparently, everything is about size these days. The bigger the better. Simple as that. And it´s not just blazers people, it is t-shirts, shirts, jackets, knits, basically everything that could cover your shoulders. Even if a bold shoulder is quite an unproportionate trend, it is yet very natural. I remember when Rick Owens introduced us to a ”genderless” fashion movement a few years ago, letting his models wear oversized clothing that made us confused about what was for whom. The bold shoulder has been a buzz in the ear, a distant memory, a song you can´t place for quite some time and we have turned our focus to other distinctive trends. Yet letting ourselves being intrigued by it, just in a more subtle way.

I remember the pictures of my mother with belted oversized suit jackets in front of old cars, smoking a cigarette and what not, giving me the ”oh my god, look at that bad fit” look on my face., making me grin just by thinking of my mother´s bad fashion sense. But now it turns out that not only was it a smack in my face and I totally love it now (what goes around comes around, ey?), but it was also the first spark of the androgyne feel we have endured these last decades, the laid back mentality of wearing menswear. We are dressing up in our dad´s old suit jackets, sporty geometric shirts or tee´s with shoulder pads. Oversized blazers have been hot for years (hello 80´s!), but regarding the hype, the real shoulder game has been left out for some reason.

These last years women have turned up wearing menswear on the runway and suddenly the line between male and female got quite tricky to differentiate. But this androgynous fashion went from being a fashion stunt to finding it´s place on high street racks at street style photographers Instagrams. And that is making me think 1) does it actually look good though? 2) is it appropriate for me to shop at the men´s department? 3) can I steal my brother´s blazers without him noticing? If I asked any Parisian woman about question number one the answer would be a bigger yes than any bathing cat meme on the internet. And I guess 2) and 3) is already happening and I´m just gonna roll with it (sorry bruh).

I don´t know if the off-shoulder trend has left the building quite yet, but I know that it´s getting crowded in there. Although going for a bold shoulder has been reserved for those who like taking fashion risks, the #yolo is more acceptable in fashion than ever before. So dress up bold and work it! Because I got 99´problems but the shoulder pads ain’t one.

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Paulina Poriskova by Arthur Elgort for Vogue 1986

Isabella Rossellini, American Vogue, September 1985

Giorgio Amani, American Vogue, September 1987. Photography by Aldo Fallai