So I´m moving to Oslo, going freelance, doing my own shit. And that´s f* scary. Not that I don´t want to do what I do, but being totally on my own and creating my own projects can feel a little bit.. intimidating. To find out what my esthetics are, what my purpose is and where my style is going is a path I am thrilled to take, yet it´s a path with unknown consequenses. But all in all, adventurous and exciting! I have already some projects ongoing, including a brand new site and more dimensional content. Can´t wait to show you!

I have been feeling a little bit conflicted on my instagram also – what shall I post, should I post with frames, more art, more planned color palettes…. And this is going through my head all day and I can´t really make up my mind. So I´m asking you guys, do you prefer more artsy and planned instagram profiles? Or do you like it more random and suprising?

Wearing sweater from Uzwei Cashmere, shoes from Stella Mccartney, blazer from Zara and jeans from Frame