*in collaboration with Stylebop.com
Shot by Nikol Herec 

I am longing for the high summer to arrive with its presence and I am finding myself thrilled over all the great inspiration, items and looks I´m longing for. But sometimes I´m entering a more crowded space in mind; I just want to wear EVERYTHING. Not just only what fits my style (whatever that means), but every style there is. Ar we holding in our creativity by swearing to one type of style? Or should we all just #yolo more and try out new directions? I am always trying to be ahead of myself when it comes to dressing, not only by being updated on trends etc, but challenge myself a bit. What can I do next? Perks of being a fashion blogger, I know, but it´s a love/hate relationship and I am too much in love to leave. Yet again it raises the question; what´s my identity? Does style have any say in this?

Regardless my philosophical moment, this dress is high up on my wishlist, because what can go wrong with an off-shoulder, high split, wittingly, botanical dress? I may give you a cold shoulder, but a pair of noir pants and kicks with a kick I made it toned down, yet Norwegian climate friendly.

Wearing dress from Sandy Liang, shoes from Nike and pants from H&M