So I´m back from LA and oh my, what a city. Not only is it more populated than all of Norway (!), but I found myself surprised over the major distances. Los Angeles is a great city to be fair, filled with everything you may want (or didn´t think you needed), beaches, cultural vibes and inspiration on every corner. We stayed at a hotel called The Line, based in Koreatown, a minimalist hotel with hidden pieces of art on every floor. Thrilling to stay there and The Commissary is as good as they say.

We went to several areas in LA, such as West and East Hollywood, Santa Monica, Venice, Downtown, Financial District, Abbot Kinney etc. It struck me that even though the areas are completely different, they are still the same. It´s no city center here guys, so a car is needed. But if you have that, LA can give you surprises at every left or right turn. I also had the pleasure to meet up with two wonderful people from Bold PR, and they took me to a bunch of cool places to shoot. One of these were this installation just outside Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Lights everywhere, a surrounding calmness and beautiful architecture! Thank you guys, I had a blast riding around with you!
And I´ll show you more of the pictures later!

Wearing sweater and jeans from H&M, belt from Banana Republic and shoes from Vetements.