Okay, I´m finally here in Oslo. As many of you know or maybe didn´t know I used to live in a city called Trondheim, right in the middle of Norway. A cute city with it´s charm, that´s for sure, but not a big one. So I moved to Oslo on Sunday. Holla! What about that. So nice to be closer to my friends and family here and I can´t wait to start my “new” life. It´s not an easy move tho, I´m still looking for an apartment to shop and I still need to bring everything down from Trondheim. I hate moving, yet I have moved about 10 times in 8 years? Say what? I don´t even know how.

Anyway, this is what I wore yesterday at a great By Malene Birger and Høyer dinner. So tickling to finally feel you are becoming a bigger part of the Norwegian fashion industry and I am loving every part of it! And oh – also doing some updates on this site, so if it looks weird from time to time, it´s just me!

Wearing dress from By Malene Birger (borrowed), jeans from H&M, bag from Fendi and shoes from Vetements