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The fashion industry is probably bigger than ever before, and even if it is double tapping, hearts, pins, likes or shares, if you have the smallest interest in #fash you are inevitably invited to the party. Looking for a fashion brand without a presence in social media these days is like looking for a black one-piece in Anna Wintour´s closet. It´s like the Olympic games of who tells you what and the what makes you spend. But many of us are utterly doomed to play the eternal game of routines and grey-scaled normality. And not the sassy ”fifty shades” but the non-feet-sweeping and very practical concrete kind of grey. It is fairly easy to throw on the sweater you were supposed to throw out years ago, with the unflattering, but really comfortable jeans you now have 5 pairs of. To really pop the cherry, you throw on a pair of used-to-be black shoes, but now grey because of the total lack of motivation for shoe polishing (because who got time for that, ey?). So the casual turn into casualty and the coolness is just non-existing. So we all just hide in our imaginary style palace filled with goodie bags and shoeboxes because it…is… So how do we accept this fashion invitation with both confidence and a cool wardrobe? Fashion trends tend to swing back and forth more than Donald Trump´s opinions about basically everything, and today it is all about just catching the fashion ride. The good news is that there is a solution for this overwhelming frustration. You may not believe it, but your wardrobe might surprise you.

First things first. A great wardrobe does not cost a fortune. Fabolous is not measured by tags or brand names, only by you. Yes, you would probably shop that Gucci bag on credit. Or heart every picture on Maison Valentino´s Instagram account for the secret hope that they will see you and give you a pair of shoes or something. Or maybe sell your fridge for that really awesome Loewe bag from last season. But always remember that style is not about fast fashion, it is not about wanting or #craving, it is about taking what you have and making it work. Chase the long-term relationship and go get your inner fashionista. And for this to succeed you have to take your imaginary style palace to the next level by actually building it. True story. So the first step for being more casual cool is to build the most important part, the foundation, with great basics for stability. When your style changes, (because it will change, thank god for that sometimes, huh?) the foundation of your wardrobe will help you keep you grounded. Check your wardrobe for good pieces with smooth color palettes like whites, greys, blacks and blues. Add the structure and your house is beginning to take shape. Think about those favorable materials that feel good – mixed fabrics or even different types of cotton.

The furniture in your imaginary palace (and your loving wardrobe to-be) are the things that just make everything function. It is not the matter of having three different black coats or seven pairs of sandals, it is knowing you always have something to wear. The classic coat, the leather jacket, the flats and the heels. These items can make every outfit casual cool and easy for you to go from work to your ever so fun dinner with the girls at the noodle shop on the corner or at the Michelin restaurant you booked 5 months ago.

And finally comes the fun part. The interior. If it is looking for those cool pieces at thrift shops and flea markets, or ordering custom-made leather shoes from Italy, the excitement is there to make your veins bubble. The decoration, the chocolate toppings, the things that make you you. Maybe it is the pink scarf you bought four years ago from that yard sale or the Prada bag you saw the other day online. These things are crucial for defining your style personality. Walk your own way, get to know your style palace and make it yours. Be your own stylist, be audacious, be confident. It may sound easier than it looks, and you will most definitely turn around and change again and again. And again. But when the day comes and you really do not want to go back and change, it means you are close to getting to know you. Because you decide if you want to live in a palace or not. The style is yours and you have the power to explore, so be adventurous! You will find yourself in dark places and in really great places, but that is what adventure is all about. The fashion scene is not only happening at the runway anymore, it is also in your own backyard. So step out and embrace your own style. Lean back and let the pressure go because the house-warming party is ON and you my dear, are the hostess.