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One of the biggest discussions the last few years in the fashion industry has been and still are the usage of real fur. Fox and mink are and have been the most attractive type of fur, where fur-farms  ended up as lucrative businesses. Actually, Norway has been one of the world´s biggest producers of fur, except China, where a steady business has fed the different brands with top quality fur. Earlier this year, Norway took the lead as one of the first countries deciding to shut down the fur business by 2025, saying that it´s not ethical anymore. We don´t actually need fur, do we? And now we are seeing a trend inside the major fashion houses as well. Stella Mccartney was the first one stopping using furs and leathers, replacing it with faux and vegan leather. Armani, Calvin Klein, Michael Kors, Tommy Hilfiger, Gucci and the latest houses, Versace and Furla, are now following. Donatella Versace, the artistic director and vice-president of Versace, stated that she did not want to kill animals to make fashion and that it “it doesn’t feel right,” in an interview with The Economist’s 1843 magazine. And chief executive and president at Gucci, Marco Bizzari told Business Of Fashion that he thinks fur is not modern anymore, and it´s a bit out-dated. We can also see the trends in the streets, where street style photographers shooting for several big magazines and e-commerce sites such as Net-A-Porter and Matchesfashion don´t want pictures showing fur. Even big shopping areas such as Saö Paulo and West Hollywood in LA has banned the sales of fur.

I have to admit that I did use fur before, not really knowing (or maybe denying) the treatment of these animals. After a visit to a fur farm, I changed my mind drastically. And this was a fur farm that was stated as “ethical and certified” supplying fur to big brands. And believe me, it was not. But yet again, I´m not a person hating everyone using fur, so for me it´s more of a personal decision. And to be fair, are faux fur that much better? I do use faux, but for the environment, it´s not a nice player. Well, I guess that dropping one thing is better than doing nothing, right? I have to admit that I like the wave of fur-banning rolling over the industry, picking up one after the other, making the industry a BIT more ethical.

So I´m asking you guys, What is your opinion about real fur? And what do you think about influencers using real fur?